vseznayka (vseznayka) wrote,

Halfway through America

As soon as I crossed Missouri the web browser on my phone
stopped working and now I am about 1500 miles behind in my travel
stories. Basically I'm traveling just like the first explores - Lewis
and Clark, at least in the sense that they also didn't have access to
Internet for the most part of their journey. Consequently it also took
probably few years before their stories were published.

Today however I found a small oasis of civilization in the city of Page,
Arizona, and here is my first story:

After 2 long days in the saddle or rather in it's modern upholstered
equivalent, we reached surprisingly interesting city of St Louis on
Missouri river. Or perhaps it just seemed interesting to me after all
these featureless miles through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.
Thankfully, federal government has built excellent interstate highway
system, so travelers can zoom through the above-mentioned dull states
relatively quickly.

And when from our speeding car we caught the glimpse of the giant steel
arch towering over St Louis - it was a candy for our bored eyes,
a promise that the interesting part of the journey is about to begin.
The Arch is indeed an amazing engineering and architectural feat. My
only complaint is that it wasn't built with the interest of photographer
in mind. The structure is so huge, that no matter how far back I walk,
it would never entirely fit into the picture. I am sure good people of
Missouri who erected the monument now realize their misjudgement -
because due the enormous size of the Arch now they have to move in
neighboring Illinois to get the best view. Here are few images I've
captured, when you look bear in mind that saying that picture doesn't
tell the whole story is nowhere as true as it is in St Louis:


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